Managing your Profile

Throughout the GuideStar site's beta testing period, we received a lot of feedback from you – NPO representatives – with respect to site use and the information you would like to present on the site. The new organization profile on GuideStar now allows you to present a rich and detailed picture of your organization and its varied activities.

Following creation of an organization account on GuideStar (for more information and to register, click here) and receipt of authorization that the necessary permissions have been allocated, you can begin the task of creating your profile.

Note: It is advisable to first carefully read the User Guide and even look into the list of organizations listed on the home page's "Recently updated" section, so you can draw some inspiration from them.

First, login to the GuideStar system and using the search engine, find your organization. You will immediately notice that next to each one of the fields whose content can be edited is a small icon of a pencil and next to it, is written Click to Edit

As you proceed with your work, entering more information about the organization, you will notice changes in the progress bar appearing on the left side of the screen; use the list of tasks presented beneath the bar to complete the ones most important for editing your profile.

Reminder: Fields in which the information that appears is from government sources cannot be edited.

Clicking the edit link will open an editing box for the area in question. HTML can be used for some fields, enabling you to use italics, bold, create lists, or add links.
Be sure to click "Save" when editing is complete, otherwise, changes will not be saved!

You can move between tabs and add/upload relevant information, photos and files, as needed.

In certain areas such as "Programs", "Goals and Accomplishments", "Needs", or "People" we decided to make life easier for you and we created dedicated fields for each item on the list so that there will be uniformity of presentation for all the different organization profiles, and at the same time, it will save you time and trouble.

Another reminder: Don't forget to separately save each change you make to an item!

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